High-Performance Flats Boat

The Vantage Series is a versatile line of flats boats that combines the best of both worlds: the shallow draft and maneuverability of a skiff with the rough water capabilities of a bay boat. The series is made up of two models, the Vantage and the VHP, each designed for a unique angling experience. The VHP is a high-powered speed demon, while the Vantage is a big pollable skiff. Both models are designed to fit in your garage and can take you anywhere you want to go, from freshwater bass fishing to the Bahamas bonefish flats.


The VHP is a high-powered speed demon, with up to 175 horsepower, and built for those who want to get to their fishing spots quickly. The Vantage, on the other hand, is a big pollable skiff, perfect for those who prefer to take things a little slower and quietly stalk their prey.


As a solo angler, the Vantage Series is the perfect replacement for a bay boat. With its superior maneuverability and shallow draft, you can go places other boats can’t. Whether you’re exploring sandbars or venturing out for professional guidance, the Vantage Series can take you everywhere.


If you’re looking to take some friends along, the Vantage Series has ample space for up to four anglers with plenty of storage space for gear and comfortable seating options.


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